play with convention.
originality arises, it’s not in the rejection of convention

Our 3D Services with Vizaxella takes into account that your project came up first with an idea. We understand the dedication and time you put into the foundation and conception of your architecture. We, at Vizaxella would make sure to give the necessary tools to pitch and voice out loud your project.

Still Images

Still images for 3D Architectural visualization is the first idea you see before your project is even built. We in particular, will embrace every detail with an artistic approach before your pitch to your client. Be it on small scale on bigger project, we will ensure that you effectively communicate your architecture project.

3D Services - Still Images in Mauritius

Architectural 3D movie animation

When the imagery is not enough, you want to get dipper into your project. As a story explains sometimes better your architectural visualization. We’ll make your building come to life, with a genuine story to tell, and we’ll use cinematographic tools to build your movie. Out studio has the latest tools to compose your animation. In house we can provide camera tracking, VFX composing or even chromatic screen when need it.

Virtual Tour 360

As your market your property, you are face with constant challenge for your clients, what if? Our web solution for Virtual Tour in 360 degree will immerse you directly from your laptop, tablet or mobile device. We believe that you should check it out for yourself, visit our VVFX Media Studio and experience your own tour.

3D Services - Virtual 360 Tour in Mauritius
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